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Scotty Downrigger 1106B w/Braided Line


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Downrigger Boom Diameter: 1 1/4″, Downrigger Boom Length: 36″-60″ telescoping stainless steel boom, Rod Holder Interior Diameter: 1.85″

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The most popular Scotty Electric Downrigger, with a boom that telescopes for extra reach and collapses for storage. Makes for a great “big boat” downrigger. Fully adjustable decent speed, lifts 7 lb. weights at 235 ft./min. and 15 lb. weights at 203 ft./min. Spray protected positive-drive depth counter and Kevlar drive belt by Optibelt.  300 ft. of 200 lb. test, low drag microfilament premium power braid downrigger line (No. 2701). Boom mounted adjustable 358 Rodmaster II Rod Holder.  Includes Scotty/Marinco™ Plug and Receptacle.  The lowest amperage draw of any downrigger made with less than 1/3 the battery draw than some of the competition.  Marine grade stainless steel boom.  Multi-position auto-stop included (Use 1008 Stopper Beads to stop at any pre-set position).  Includes Power Grip Plus Line Release.  Includes 1023 Tilt-up Mounting Bracket which enables the unit to be tilted and locked in the upright position.  Includes 1026 Swivel Pedestal Mount with 16 available positions.  Fully assembled and factory tested with complete saltwater protection.

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Weight 24 lbs
Dimensions 43 × 14 × 8 in

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