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Shimano TEK500HGA Levelwind Conventional Star Drag Reel


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Bearings 3+1, Gear Ratio 6.3:1, Mono line capacity (#Test/Yd) 12/440,14/340,16/285, Powerpro line capacity (# test/yd) 40/390, 50/330, 65/240, Weight (oz) 15.3

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The Shimano Tekota TEK500HGA Trolling Reel is fully redesigned. The cross carbon drag material provides a wider range of drag settings, along with the smoothest drag performance. This reel has a coreprotect to provide water resistance without creating a heavy rotation feeling. The S A-RB bearings have shields on both sides of the bearings which will reduce the possibility of salt or sand inhibiting the bearing’s rotation. This reel has a Hagane body which is made with a metal reel body with a high rigidity. The body stiffness and impact resistance virtually eliminates body flexing.

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 in

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