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Pautzke Fire Power 2.5oz 100% Krill


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The perfect additive for improving any curing recipe, Pautzke’s® Fire Power® is the most distinctive and powerful powdered krill scent on the market. A valuable tool for salmon and steelhead anglers throughout North America, this carefully mastered, all-natural formula is packed with 100% pure krill found only in Arctic and Antarctic waters. A secret process was used to transform the krill into a 100% pure powder form that’s deadly when sprinkled on your eggs, prawns, sardines, herring, corn nibblets, tuna balls or any other desired bait. Founder of the krill craze and the first fishing company to manufacture krill based scents, Pautzke Bait Company® uses only premium ingredients to guarantee their krill scents and powders are the strongest on the market.

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