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Fish Flash Flasher Red Large


Fish Flash Flasher Red Large

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Big Al’s Fish Flash “No Drag” Flashers Big Al spent years perfecting the patented triangular no drag flasher design and unique vibration of the Fish Flash, in field trials throughout Southeastern Alaska and the Pacific Northwest. His objective was to put the sport back into using a fish attractor, minimize the hassles of conventional dodgers and flashers and design a fish attractor that was truly unique. The invention and introduction of the Fish Flash into the market in the late 90’s revolutionized the fish attractor segment. Today, tens of thousands of anglers swear to the effectiveness of the Fish Flash to improve their catch, not just for Salmon, but for any species of fish anglers troll to catch: kokanee, trout- steelhead, pike, walleye, halibut, surface game fish and others! Big Al’s Fish Flash is the most significant advancement in fish attractors since the invention of the original dodger. Anglers instantly understand the benefits of an attractor that rotates around its linear axis puts a brilliant flash into the water, works at any speed, is virtually drag free and truly attracts and catches more fish. The fin induced rotation of the Fish Flash emits a very powerful and specific vibration that attracts fish. And once the fish is hooked, the no drag design allows the angler to experience the sporting fight of the fish, not the drag of the tackle.

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