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Smoking Salmon & Steelhead


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Frank Amato Publishing Smoking Salmon & Steelhead



Authors: Scott & Tiffany Haugen Among the many benefits of fishing is the chance to bring home the occasional salmon for the smoker. But are you tired of using the same old recipe? If so, the Haugens have done all the experimenting for you. The result is this book, filled with 54 wet and dry brine recipes, including: sweet teriyaki, tropical tang, extra hot habenero, sweet & simple, chardonnay splash, spicy sweet, triple pepper, and many, many more. They also share great tips on different smoking woods to use, preparation prior to smoking your fish, canning smoked salmon, their favorite recipes using smoked salmon, and a section on troubleshooting meant to answer basic questions. If you like smoked salmon, you need this book. 6 x 9 Inches, 96 Pages, All Color

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